March 13, 2015

Wanting to look like someone else

Here is an interesting project that I just found. The blogger Nell Frizzell, a British journalist, is - using whatever she has at hand - making doppelgänger portraits of herself, trying to resemble celebrities, painted portraits, and sometimes herself as young or even her father. It really drew me in, and it makes me realize that however much we try to copy someone´s style or dress too look a certain way (some seem to think a hairstyle can radically alter a face), in the end, we will look like ourselves anyway. Our own face and body are the strongest ingredients we bring to any new look we try, and it´s just as well to try to make friends with them.


  1. I remember the first time I heard about a woman having extensive plastic surgery to make her look like Barbie. Weird. Your post made me think of Elvis impersonators who change their hair and clothes to more resemble The King. Some of them are remarkably similar.

    I looked at your link, and I liked best the ones where she's placed herself in art works. It looks like a fun project. She does make a decent Bob Dylan ;)

    1. I too remember the Barbie woman, she was international news at the time, and I think she´s had followers. I think Frizzell was also cute as Egon Schiele - she does work very well as a man, it´s all those handsome angular features she has (which I envy). Makes me want to dress up too! ;-)