April 20, 2015

Moving on

Well, times they are a-changing, and suddenly I find myself with a new set of priorities, motivations, and goals in life. More good news on that later, I hope. Until then, I´m attempting to clear my desk, so to speak, finish a few things that I promised to do, simplify routines, and soforth. One thing is the blogging.

I have decided to continue all my blogging on "One Sketch a Day" and simply shoe-horn everything I like to write about into it, so nothing much will change, I think, except for the location. Also, I am leaving Blogger for Wordpress, which right now feels a bit weird to use, but I imagine I will learn it, as I once learned to use Blogger.

Hope you will see me there: One Sketch A Day.


  1. I tried moving to Wordpress but couldn't manage importing the photos from Blogger posts. The Wordpress blog is still sitting there in case I decide to give it another try. I'd be interested in hearing your reflections on the move, including why you decided to make the change.

    Good luck on your new endeavors! :)

    1. Well, I haven´t tried importing the old blogs to Wordpress, I am leaving them to float in internet space as abandoned crafts. ;-) The web hotel that I use for viktoriaberg.com uses Wordpress, that´s the reason for the change of tool. It seemed silly to rent storage at two places when, after all, I use very little. So far it seems like both Blogger and Wordpress have features I like and those I like less; as one would expect. Most obviously, Blogger seems more under the hand of Google, while Wordpress seems more open to independent developers, which makes it both easier to adapt the blog tool to one´s own needs, but also a bit tricker to learn.

      Thank you for the well-wish - I do at times feel a bit intimidated by the thought of changing a lifestyle that I have had for so long. But I am also eager to move on.