October 8, 2014


Someone has graffitied a number on the door to my bike shed. Not sure of the significance, perhaps they got it wrong... The other doodle could be a stylized version of SLUT, which means END in Swedish. If it is, I quite like how the L and the U looks like mirror versions of each other, like some of those old-style royal-looking monograms you see etched in glasware and what not.

I envy people who have a classy signature. My father´s was totally illegible and he used to say that he used shorthand. Not sure if that was a joke or not. I understand that legally, you can draw a flower as your signature if you want, as long as you stick to it. Wish I had known that when I was becoming an adult, I could perhaps have retained the same signature through all my name-changes.


  1. I'm trying to turn that "7" into a "2" and not being successful with that. It's breaking my brain lol. I'd have to alter it to suit me ;) I can see where I would draw in a little connecting curvy line....

    1. lol - I know what you mean! It occured to me last night that you are probably the only one who gets why this caught my eye...