December 22, 2014

Angel Song

I am really too busy and stressed out (yes, tried to deny it, but I really am, haven´t even put up Christmas decorations yet) to post, but I decided to sit down and find my favourite Christmas song ever, all categories (it´s actually a psalm). This is a lovely version from Swedish Television a few years back with Sofia Karlsson looking like an angel, singing "Frid på jorden" (= peace on earth) and then "Gläns över sjö och strand" (= glitter over lake and shore). Enjoy!

(on youtube by Kaare K Johnsen)


  1. I'm sorry to hear you're so stressed. :(

    I'd never heard this before. It is very beautiful. I've been making a Spotify Christmas music list to add some fun to the season. The seasonal music can help, I think. Thanks for sharing this :)

    1. Ah well, as a pre-Christmas stress bonus, we just had to take the mum-in-law to hospital. Hopefully, she´ll be out by Wednesday. :-(

      No, this song hasn´t made it onto the international Christmas hitlist, which is a mystery, frankly. The lyrics are lovely too, about how the baby Jesus and the shepherds sleeping together in the stable are awaken during the night by an angel choir. We always used to sing it during the Lucia pageant as children.

      Hope you have more Christmas spirit in Memphis and that you are all really, really well. :-D

    2. Yes, thank you, all are healthy here. I hope your mum-in-law is home & on the quick road to recovery before Christmas. Holidays in the hospital are a bummer :(