December 23, 2014

Christmas Ghost

I found this very cute little film on youtube, about Laban, the Little Ghost, who is afraid of Santa.

(on youtube by Lilla spöket Laban)


  1. Sweet :) And I even understood about 3 words lol The meaning is clear without words, of course, but I got a kick out of recognizing a few. Merry Christmas!

    1. Well, glad you enjoyed it! Laban the Ghost is a real classic, for us. Hope Santa came to you! (Or will come, he´s already been here, he visits us on the evening of the 24th, before he makes the rest of his rounds. ;-))

    2. I tracked Norad's Facebook coverage of Santa's trip and noticed when they talked about Sweden. :) When we were little, we used to all go over to my maternal grandparents house on Christmas Eve, and Santa actually came one year. I was too young to remember it, but there's a photo.

    3. I only learned about Norad´s connection to Santa yesterday, from the husband. Amazing! We had Santa come once when I was little, he was more grey than red, though. There were brownies (we use the same word for Santa and brownies/pucks = tomte) around the house, looking through the windows at the children and reporting to Santa if we had been good or not, so surveillance is nothing new to us!