September 11, 2014

Great Elk Hunter

I saw a really cute story in Piteå´s local paper the other day, about a toy poodle, Tuva (= tuft or tussock), who had turned out a very talented elk tracker! The elk hunt is on at the moment, and when the article was written, this amazing poodle - the only dog used by a nine-man hunting team - had already helped fell three elks.

Unfortunately, I can´t link to the article, only this photo. In the paper version of the story, there was a great photo of the dog standing proud on top of a dead elk (grainy snap below). Dogs rarely seem aware of their size - I know of a Great Dane always trying to sit in his owner´s lap.

I feel there is a lesson in this. About looks being deceiving and perceived destiny and all that kind of stuff. If your heart is set on doing something, chances are, you will be great at it.

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