September 28, 2014

Night-time Spectacle

There is one consolation to the cold and the darkness of the winter half-year, and that is the aurora, of which we have had plenty this last week. I never tire of seeing it, even though I realize that it looks so much better out of town, away from the streetlights. I have a few good, dark spots were I go when there is a spectacular one playing across the sky.

I´m not close to even trying to attempt to photograph it myself, but at least I can make a drawing of what it kind of looks like. Some people claim to hear a crackling sound to it, and either they have very good ears, or it´s some kind of trick of the mind. I mostly see the green colour, but once it was a full-sky dance of whites, pinks, purples and greens. I imagine it is something of the same being deep down in the dark sea, looking up to see the sunlight reflecting on the surface; perhaps seeing shoals of herring moving above you.


  1. My husband and I would love to take one of those Alaskan cruises timed for watching this display!

    1. I understand they have trips out on Torne Lake (on the ice) where aurora is guaranteed, but over land it certainly isn´t. The husband has an English collegue who worked here from time to time for over a decade and he didn´t get to see it once, though he really wanted to. If you can, I highly recommend going.