September 1, 2014

Advice and Support

Doing my little thing.

I have subscribed for a while to Paul Jarvis´s newsletters. I find his voice to be reasonable, comforting, and encouraging in a world where so many are shouting about all the things one has to do. This piece particularly spoke to me, being an introvert and feeling rather awkward in public, both online and offline, much of the time. Or perhaps not awkward, exactly, but unwilling. I find myself often apologizing that my blogs (which I love to do) are small, that I should be more social media active, but to tell the truth, I have other things I´d rather do.

I have read two of his books "Everything I know" and "The Good Creative" and surprisingly, I seem not to have blogged either. Perhaps it´s because what he says isn´t revolutionary, it´s not summed up in easy catch-phrases, it´s not promising to give you the world. It´s just sensible; he makes me feel it´s ok to be just the way I am and that I can work with that.


  1. I keep one blog, and it's small. I never expected to actually meet & interact with other folks as a result of blogging, but it's been such fun! It's easier for me to interact online than in face-to-face groups.

    1. I think this is true for a lot of persistent, long-time bloggers. I don´t really have a problem speaking in public (I´m not shy), but I tend to mull over what I said, what others said, what could have been said, what was really meant, stuff like that, for days afterwards. Very tiring. With writing, I go with what´s on the page. That´s also open to interpretation, of course, but at least I don´t have to deal with body language and group dynamics as well...