August 31, 2014

Moore, Roger Moore

Figured I needed a picture of the man for this post and thought:
I´ll draw one! Oh, the arrogance... 
I have a soft spot in my heart for Roger Moore. To me, he is the ultimate Bond, as he did the role when I was little. He is the reason I was also very fond of Pierce Brosnan, who is the Bond since most like him. Not that I don´t adore Daniel Craig, you understand, but he is a whole different sort of creature.

I have seen very little else with Roger Moore, "The Persuaders", one episode of "The Saint", and one film where he played some colonel or other. I don´t suppose he is the most gifted actor that ever lived, and he seems to suppose so, too. Just read this interview, I get the impression that he is such a very nice man. Would love to have dinner with him!


  1. James Bond is Sean Connery to me, but I'm a bit older than you. I like Daniel Craig, too, but I agree that "he is a whole different sort of creature."

    I loved The Saint! As I look online, it looks like I'd have started watching it in 1967, which sounds about right. I think the acting field benefits from a lot of actors who are talented but not brilliant. He may be better remembered long-term for his charity works.

    I knew exactly who that was a picture of! :) Nice :)

    1. That drawing looks better from an angle, I think ;-).

      We loved "The Persuaders", but a re-run a few years ago showed that some things should be kept in fond memory. It hadn´t aged well at all. Moore always down-plays his own intelligence and importance, but I suspect he is a rather clever guy, who has worked hard for Unicef. They don´t give knighthoods to fools, do they?

    2. lol no, but I meant brilliant as an actor and not intellectually. He might not have been the most brilliant at acting, but he was perfect for some roles. I actually think John Wayne falls into this category.

    3. I see what you mean. I think Clint Eastwood is one of those as well. You can´t really see him switch roles with someone like, say, Alan Alda. Nor can I see Alda steel-faced behind a Magnum, come to think of it... I guess very few actors have the range (or opportunity) to do every kind of role. Pacino, maybe. De Niro. Daniel Craig, certainly; he wasn´t the least Bond-y in The Mother or Hotel Splendide (which are great films).