August 12, 2014

Trinket Art

Lately, time seems to have conspired to go forward without me. It´s been six days since my last posting and I feel like I should beg forgiveness, as if I had sinned. An over-active sense of duty, no doubt.

Tiden är rund I (= time is round)
I have made a couple of visits to the art gallery at the Culture House this summer, but there is not much on display right now that speaks to me. Much is by Denise Grünstein, and if you want to check out her work, it´s here. Quite a few of those photos are on display in Luleå right now. I don´t know why I can´t get into it, but there it is.

I was a bit more charmed by Anna Sjons Nilsson´s exhibition of textile art, figurines and wallhangings/collages. It is full of humour, and it´s fun to look at the details; you are bound to find stuff that is probably lingering in those drawers chock-full of miscellaneous stuff that almost everyone has, I´m sure. Or maybe your grandmother had them. I like recycling, and this is a great way to do something interesting with things that would end up in the trash eventually.

The entire collection makes me think about how the things we have also reflect what´s on our minds. Clocks, tools, money, jewellery, etc. There is a leaning towards the female, the woman´s world. The whole expression feels very feminine, but not feminist. Like the work of some crazy granny. I looked the artist up, she has her own, very pretty, website (which shockingly many artists don´t), and I see she is born in 1954; granny-territory, for sure. She also makes textile patterns.

Sorry about the quality of the photos. All I had was my phone camera, and it sucks.

Yarn reels.

Frukost i det gröna (= luncheon in the grass)

Money, money, money, och en liten slant (= and a little coin)

Världen är så stor, så stor (= the world is so, so big; from an old Swedish nursery rhyme about "little Lasse")

Vårt dagliga bröd (= our daily bread) and Ofelia.
Ofelia (from the exhibition souvenir card)

Detail from Ofelia: buttons, brooches, embroidery of all kinds.


  1. I wonder what it says about me that I (in granny territory but without grandkids) like those spoons best lol!

    1. I wouldn´t dare say, lol! Me, I was most intrigued by the brooches and buttons. I think that in this exhibition, the details over-shadowed the whole. Charming, all the same.