August 21, 2014

York City Wall

The first thing we did when having arrived in York this summer, was to go for a walk on the medieval city walls. I walked half of it last time I was there, so we did the other part, and the husband was quite happy with that, as it provided us with an excellent view of the Minster and some absolutely lovely gardens. A couple of the hotels even advertised to the wall-walkers, and we almost succumbed to the promise of Afternoon Tea. However, we charged on towards the Minster and the town. Perhaps we shouldn´t have...

Walking the wall is a great way to get a feel for the city, I think. It is comfortable walking (unless you have a fear of heights - not that it is very high) and you pass quite a few museums and sights of interest. Like old Roman ruins, which are under the foundations of the wall, and the whole city, in fact. The Romans were here, and several of the Emperors stayed here for long periods of time, making York the ruling capital of the whole Roman Empire! Konstantine, of course, has his statue in front of the Minster.

Starling that I managed to capture quite nicely in spite of the wide angle lens I had on.  The colours are spectacular!

Roman walls.

Not sure when this dates to, or what it´s for.

One of the city´s main gates, Monk Bar.

Going inside Monk Bar.

Monk Bar from the wall.

Lovely gardens.

Their Afternoon Tea on the lawn looked really nice.

The Minster from the wall.

I am sure I posted photos of this guy before - he is soo cool!


  1. I can't tell you how much I enjoy your virtual tours. I almost feel like I'm there with you, and this trip with its walk on the wall is right down my alley. Those buildings! And I wouldn't have been able to resist tea on the lawn lol

    1. I´m very happy that you do! I have a few more coming... And no, it was kind of silly not to take tea there. But sometimes, the number of options are overwhelming and the timing not quite right.

    2. I understand. Wherever we go there are things we aren't able to do for some reason. We can't do it all.

    3. Which is a great reason to have a return trip in mind...