August 27, 2014

New Shoes

Last week, I started feeling my Achille´s tendon. Not pain, exactly, more like fatigue. I figured my shoes - trainers - were going and immediately went to town to replace them. I was right: having one old shoe and one new shoe on, the difference was obvious. It can be so tricky with trainers, they look like they are practically new, but if you have walked a long way, the sole can be completely down-at-heel. 

As I bounced home in my new shoes, I convinced myself that I should really wear these everywhere, not just during working hours (3-4 hours, six days a week, during temperature-above-freezing season). Really, it would do my feet a world of good, and I should make an appointment with myself to have the shoe replaced annually. Every 24th of August: Go to Stadium, buy new shoes. If only the shoe wasn´t so ugly. Ok, not exactly ugly, but on a different aesthetic scale to mine. There is no choice of colour, you just have to go with what they´ve got, if you are particular about the fit, which I am. Fit is everything, as far as I´m concerned. 

My solution: to knit a scarf in the same colours as the shoe. It made the yarn lady laugh when I came in and pointed at the shoe. Well, I am quite happy about the way my scarf is coming along. Considering I have walked about in the husband´s old cast-off suit trousers all summer, I feel my style is turning towards Katherine Hepburn´s. An old Katherine Hepburn. Oh well. As long as I keep away from skateboards, I will be fine... 


  1. No, I definitely think you need to look into skateboards ;)

    I agree about fit. That's key. Wearing an uncomfortable shoe just because it looks good is such a strange self-defeating act.

    1. "Self-defeating", yes, that could have been the themesong of my youth, when I walked everywhere (and I was always a great walker) in high-heeled pumps. I could have been a Rockette, I was so sure-footed in 3 inch heels. ;-)