August 15, 2014

Watch display

The only piece of jewellery - that isn´t really jewellery at all - that I wear these days, is a watch. I have aquired quite a sweet little collection in the last few years, most of them mechanical, which feels nice, both from an environmental (no batteries) and aesthetical perspective; I love the old styles. It all started with me wanting a pretty watch for my ballgown and finding nothing in the stores that I liked. I ended up buying a very cute vintage Elgin, and whops! I was on a slippery slope of watch obsession. I have since recovered and stopped buying, but not before I got eighteen of them, a perfect watch for every occasion.

Emla Smycketräd
However, I am not using all of them as much as I should, and that´s because I have them in the wrong place: at my dresser in the bedroom. The watches I wear actually end up in the kitchen (I take them of when I start making dinner), by the phone, where the shoppinglist and written reminders also lives. Too often when I leave the house, I just end up wearing the watch that I find by the phone when I pick up the lists I need. So, I decided to keep all my watches there.

I was thinking of some kind of jewellery tree, there are some very pretty ones out there (and I might still get one some day, I really like them), but for now I decided to be thrifty and use what I had at home. Which was a clothes hanger from the dry-cleaners and some steel wire. I also had a bag full of s-hooks, which pretty much nailed it.

Ok, all of them aren´t pretty: I have one for work, one for outdoorsy activities, one with vibration alarms (great for travel, when you want to get up early but not wake the other person in the room, or when you just need to be reminded and don´t want to announce it to whomever you are with - love that watch). One is at the watchmaker´s for repair, and two need new batteries (which I will probably remember now, when I have them in sight). I am quite happy with this solution, for now.


  1. sweet collection :) I'm trying to pick a favorite and cannot.