February 2, 2015

A New Crime Drama on Television

Diary page.
After wrecking my body in the snow (I got the papers out on time, but to a price)... not storm exactly, but mighty heavy fall, I recouperated in front of the television with the new detective series, "Shetland".

Also, I attempted to sketch the actors on the screen (without freezing the picture, which would have driven the husband crazy), with a watercolour brush rather than a pen - what I don´t do to amuse myself! At least there are no trees in the background to be frustrated about. Just grass and sea and sky, as far as the eye can see.

Anyway, this post is really to say that "Shetland" is based on the series by Ann Cleeves that I read four books of last year and still felt a bit ambigous about. I was apprehensive about the series - Douglas Henshall looks nothing like Jimmy Perez, after all - but heck, I love it. The landscape I couldn´t imagine, the tweaks they have done to the stories, the acting (which is superb: Henshall - whom I don´t remember seeing before - is simply wonderful and so are the rest of them), it´s all really, really great. I recommend that you watch it if you can.

Oh, and read this. Love it, too.

Actually, I did get a minute with this scene while the husband replenished his tv-dinner plate... 


  1. I'm totally unfamiliar with this series, but I see the 3rd season will film this year. I don't see it on DVD here, though. I'll keep looking. It sounds like something I'd like. Thanks for the heads-up.

    1. It´s on DVD in the UK, but unless your player can do both region 1 and 2, it´s no good to you. It´s bound to come along, it not that old, after all!