February 4, 2015

An In-Between Vacation Day

After having walked the Rail Trail and me still being rather messed up with hay fever (the Swedish word is hösnuva, hay snuffles or hay cold, but really the English word is more apt because I´m sure I had a temperature - I was pretty knocked out), we decided to skip a trip to Robin Hood´s Bay and a World War II signal station and just drift about town for an afternoon. We entered an amusement arcade and managed to win a little money - not sure how, a boy on a machine next to us tried to explain how it worked, but at least I didn´t comprehend much of it - and not being much bent on gambling (even the plentiful jingling of coins in the drop bucket couldn´t entice us to keep playing) we took our winnings to the fudge shop.

Street art always cheers me up.

We always go looking for cherries. Fresh cherries in Swedish Lapland is so rare as to be non-existent.

Always interesting to see how the idea of Sweden is used to sell stuff.

Of course, I had to take a peak into the local library.

Interesting to see what they write about one´s own town.

In the end, an early night with Kleenex, salt water rinses for eyes and nose,
and some football on television, was just the thing.


  1. It's a shame that something as simple as pollen can throw a monkey wrench in plans. I've been wishing for passenger trains since I saw your post. No such thing here for any practical purpose. I think a train trip would be such fun.

    I love the street art and the street scenes. I'm enjoying my vicarious vacation :)

    1. Oddly, though, feeling ill always falls out of one´s memory later. It´s the same with a trip we made to Brighton circa 7 bb (before blogging) when I was terribly ill, I think I got the flu on top of a nasty hay fever that time; now all I remember is the fun we had and the places we saw. Any pain is erased. Lucky, that!

      Yeah, trains are the best! I rarely go by train in Sweden - takes forever to get anywhere from where we live. Last time I went by train to Gothenburg was 2009 - it took me 19 hours. Of course, that´s nothing for you; the USA is a vaaast country...