February 1, 2015

From Scarborough to Long Nab

This one was new to me and is, as far as I can figure, a five-spot Burnet.

Scalby Beck.

A Small tortoiseshell.

The wickedly quick swallows.

Wheat field.

Can´t tell you - my flora is of no help to me.

Walking north. This beautiful view almost brings tears to my eyes (and in the end it did - literally!).


The view towards Scarborough in the south.

Our goal: Long Nab and the Coast Guard station.

We had a rest and I got the most awful hay fever that plagued me for days... 


  1. I love the colors in your photos. I'd spend many a happy day walking along here given a chance. Beautiful! Do people picnic along there?

    1. Oh yes, we met lots of people on the trail, but I think most ended up at Scalby Mill, having a pie and a pint, as did we. It´s never really high tourist season where we are, since we go on vacation a month earlier than most Europeans.

      I´d love to do a proper walk some day, with rucksacks and stopping in at pubs over night. Perhaps doing Offas Dyke in Wales? Some day...