January 30, 2015

Record Snow Fall

We have had a bit of snow lately. Last night was possibly the most snow I have seen fall in such a short time, but it was still not too bad to work in, since it wasn´t much wind. In a few more days - more snow is coming - we might have a new snow record; the old one of 115 cm at Kallax airport is from April 1966. People are sending in pictures to the local paper. Below are two of mine.

The neighbours come out regularly to dig their cars out from under the snow. 

If you don´t, you´ll have a problem even finding your car again. There are five cars in this photo. 


  1. It's been over 1,000 days, I think, since we've had as much as an inch. I miss the snow, but I don't miss driving in it.

    1. No, driving can be really very dangerous. But if we get a period of cold weather after this, say an entire February with an even 15 below, the roads will be glorious.