January 25, 2015


Sometimes I get the comment that we seem so busy on vacation, some people seem to think we are stressing about, seeing this and that. Nothing could be further from the truth. I do a good deal of research, we have a list of things we can do if we feel like it, and then we saunter from place to place, in and out of bars and tearooms in-between. We are just not beach people, that doesn´t mean we don´t know how to relax!

Dark clouds to the north, but the sun opened up above us! 


  1. To each his/her own, I say. Plenty of folks like a busy, bustling vacation, while some want relaxation; and some mix that up depending on how each day goes. That's a good shot of the relaxation :) I'd be heading over to explore that stone structure first, though ;)

    1. I think it´s all about what your life looks like in general. Some need to wind down, others need to be stimulated.

      That stone structure is Scarborough Castle. It has looked like that since the Civil War, about 1647, when a shower of canonballs split the keep in two.