January 29, 2015

Almost Invisible Birds

One of our days in Scarborough we decided to walk towards the north, along the Cleveland Way, which goes along the coast from Filey in the south to Saltburn in the north, and around the Moors national park.

It is amazing how sensitive the eye is to motion. Just look at this:

A vast, stony beach. A tiny brown thing among thousands of brown things. 


You look familiar, Mr Curlew. 

Or is it Mrs?

Old Scalby Mills at the mouth of Scalby Beck
(a creek; the word is similar to Swedish b├Ąck,
so you can really see how close the east coast
 has been to Scandinavia, culturally)

Also, I tried to capture the swallows, swishing past us at the speed of light, almost. I never saw one of them sitting down, just having a rest. Ever.


  1. I love watching birds, and you've captured these! I don't see either of these birds around here.

    1. Thanks! I bet you have proper *exotic* birds where you live! ;-)

    2. I don't know, these look exotic to me lol