January 28, 2015

A Stroll along Scarborough Harbour and Beach

Scarborough fishing harbour and funfair, from the castle promontory.

Have I mentioned the stunning differences in water level caused by the tide? It´s amazing.

Restaurants and tearooms, sweet shops (the fudge is amazing!), souvenirs, amusement arcades. That´s what the English want on vacation and they are right.

You could buy shellfish dishes in stalls, but we never tried those. 

The Town Hall. 

I have heard a lot about donkey sanctuaries, and this seems to be a donkey´s working life: carrying children back and forth on beaches all across the UK. 

The Spa on the left.

The Cleveland Way.

We took a lunch at the Spa - fish&chips, of course.

An organist playing old hits at the bandstand.

The Grand Hotel. We just had to take a peek inside. It was once an elegant place to vacation

The Rotunda Museum, with geological displays.

The Valley Road, going south.

It looks impressive from outside.

Less so inside.

Honestly, a bit of a hygiene and health issue there, I´d say.

But you can really imagine...

... what it was like, once,... 

...in Queen Victoria´s day. 

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