July 20, 2014


Birmingham is very exciting, architecturally (I blogged about the new library at the Bookshelf), and they were busy at work on their fancy new railway station when we passed by. This is the entrance:

And the fence that surrounds the construction site is also used as a makeshift gallery:


  1. I'm remembering some fictional detective as having a connection to Birmingham, but (except for Arthur Conan Doyle beginning his writing career there, I think) I can't find it. I've learned something about Birmingham (and my faulty memory) while trying to find it. Birmingham's a lot bigger than I thought.

    1. Tolkien grew up in Birmingham, and Barbara Cartland was born there. The Dalziel & Pascoe series was filmed there, if I remember correctly. And yes, it´s big. Larger than Stockholm! Sweden is a tiny country and sparsely populated, which we are often reminded of when we travel.

    2. Thank you! I knew there were connections and couldn't for the life of me find anything! My poor brain thanks you :)