July 10, 2014

Cute Buttons

I found these at a flea market in Scarborough. Aren´t they wonderful? I bought ten of the little pens, and see before me a black (silk?) cardigan with those pen buttons, that would be just a dream. I got twenty of the other ones and I think they will do nicely on a white linen shirt. I do have a weakness for nice buttons, and will often pick up odd ones. Nothing will transform a regular, boring shirt like a new set of buttons.


  1. These are cute. That might be the answer to adding a bit of interest to some old, boring shirts I have. Thx for reminding me what a difference a small change can make.

    1. Indeed, new buttons can make an old shirt feel brand new! Sometimes I also cut the collar off - particularly if the material is a bit on the heavy side - that way I can easily layer it over another shirt in the winter, instead of using a cardigan. Love shirts, they age better than t-shirts and cardigans.