July 5, 2014

Local Theatre

We have a really cool theatre in our town; it is housed in a row of old harbour storehouses. It´s a great way to preserve old buildings and the character of a place. The theatre was founded in 1967, as the first regional theatre in Sweden - a collaboration between Luleå municipality and the county Norrbotten, and the building was finished in 1986. Since 1996 the university runs a drama school here, accepting eight students every other year.

The first play I ever saw here, in 1992 probably, was "Dagning Röd" (= daybreak red) by Bengt Pohjanen. Its subject was a religious sect in Tornedalen (north of us) in the 30´s and this is still such a tender spot for many that someone threatened to bomb the theatre! We had to leave our seats and walk in the winter cold along the quay while the dogs searched the premises!

We don´t go nearly often enough, but in 23 years I have seen some great plays, most memorable was perhaps "Macbeth" and "The Seagull". I can´t help it, I love the classics, even more if I have seen them many times before. Going to the theatre for me is like having a storybook read to me, and like a little child I want to hear my favourites over and over and over...

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