July 9, 2014


I was looking through my files and found some photos from an art exhibition in January. I give you two works of art from Hans Isaksson´s "+-0 (plusminusnoll)" (= plusminuszero):

From the presentation: "What we see, and how we perceive it, is above all a matter of perspective, of how perceptive one is as an observer. Reality is not a stable spot but a result of expectations, and in Hans Isaksson´s artistic work there is also play beyond the illusion, where everything always is something else. There are no facts, only interpretations of facts. Johan Hedbäck, colleague and friend of Hans Isaksson, suggests an attitude one can adopt when looking at Isaksson´s art in a recently published monograph on Hans´s work: "Perhaps one should do as when looking at faint stars at night; try to focus one´s gaze close by but not directly on the object, to see it more clearly"." 

(my quick & dirty translation)

= Canvas on oil.

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