November 5, 2014

Snap Drawings

We spent the weekend in Luxemburg, of all places. The tickets were cheap, to tell the truth, and we had never been - didn´t know much about it, actually - so we decided to go. Well, what a place! I am just beginning now to sort the photos, I will post more of them (and England, time just seems to fly!) eventually.

This time I handed the camera over to the husband. I am on a drawing course, after all, and I take every opportunity to exercise. Also, I was tired. We both were, but I didn´t realize just how tired untilI saw these photos of me, totally obliviously walking right past some very nice knitting graffiti. I love this stuff, and the husband noticed. I must be tired, indeed.

I did quite a bit of drawing, but the idea of sitting down in one spot for a couple of hours, like some of the sketchers I admire do, does not work well in my reality. I like to walk around, I like to see as much as possible. However, I can practice working fast, that´s what sketching is for, isn´t it? It doesn´t have to be perfect. I used my cheap A6 notebook and a pencil and just worked page after page, no more than five minutes on each, sometimes just a few seconds. Some of the sketches I worked into my journal in the evening; that turned out very well, I thought.

Not sure what I´m doing here, but probably trying to figure out some angle or proportion. I keep forgetting to hold my arm straight when I do that, and end up with all kinds of wonkiness on the page. I´ll be posting more sketches on the drawing blog over the next few weeks, if you´re curious.

The banking museum, as seen from Constitution square.

One of the railway bridges.

Inside the Bock Casemates.

The red bridge.

A snap drawing of a snap shooter, the husband on the train.
Very few lines, didn´t think anything of it at the time, but now I´m quite pleased about it.

Along the Alzette river.

From the river looking up on the city.


  1. I'm trying to wrap my mind around the concept of cheap tickets to Luxemburg lol!

    I love how you can capture the moment with so little actual detail. Amazing :)

    1. Thank you, it´s nice that people enjoy them. I am pushing myself quite a bit, drawing in public (sometimes kids look over my shoulder, which can be a bit enerving) and sharing them online. I want it to be a communicative tool, after all, not precious or "fine" as in "fine art".