November 7, 2014

Still Life

This got my attention this morning. Robert C Jackson´s still lifes are, well, just wonderful to explore. They make me think that there must be a hidden beauty in all the seemingly mundane stuff that surrounds me that I am oblivious to. What does one need to see that? Rose-tinted glasses? In that case I must get me some.


  1. lol well, now those are odd and unexpected! They are indeed fun to explore. I got a special kick out of the goldfish with the oreos.

    1. Yes, that is a delightful one! I like that quote in the margin: “If Jackson is riffing on the momento mori of Dutch still lifes, his own message veers much closer to “carpe diem.” Joanne Silver for ARTnews. I can see why he chose to put it on his website. Pretty spot on.