November 24, 2014

Swedish Composer - Dag Wirén

This weekend, the husband played a lot of music for us (through his computer, it´s been a long while since he played any of his instruments, or even the record player) and it occured to me that I should do a series on Swedish composers. Not that I know much about music, rarely listen to it these days (I so appreciate silence, which is probably an age thing), but when I do, classical symphonic music gives me the most joy. I love the complexity of it, I think - there is so much going on with orchestral pieces.

This is Dag Wirén´s Serenade for Strings, or a piece of it, played by Helsingborg Symphony Orchestra. I am not going to repeat what Wikipedia says about him; in case you are interested, go there. Enjoy!

(on youtube by stravinsky91)


  1. Very nice :) I tend towards the jazz and blues and folk for casual listening -at least that's what I look for on the car radio. Variety is the spice of life, though, and always welcome.

    1. Glad you enjoyed! I am also a fan of jazz, blues, and folk, and even had a period in my life when I went for techno stuff like Einstürzende Neubauten (that´s German for collapsing new buildings, which is pretty much what they used to sound like! lol). What I have always lacked is the ability for casual listening - when music is on, I find it hard to focus on anything else. Perhaps knitting, but even that, less and less.

    2. My daughter can completely tune it out, so when I tell her I'll have to leave the store if one more country music song plays, or when I tell her I've known the words to the last 5 songs played in this store and I have to leave now or I'll be singing aloud, or when I offer to sing along over coffee, her response is, "What?" lol Because she hasn't heard _any_ of it.

    3. I do kind of envy her. It must be great to be able to focus, whatever is going on around you.
      One thing that really annoys me about my brain, is that it tends to remember the lyrics to songs I loath much better than lyrics to songs I love. There are some horrid tunes etched into the recesses of my brain forever - sometimes one pop up and my brain dances around with it for weeks and weeks (until it gets a new toy). Vexing.

    4. The songs from my youth -loved and hated alike- are hard-wired in, I think. The quality of some of the songs is sad. I'll say, "I know all the words to this song," and my daughter will say, "Well, that wouldn't be hard." lol

    5. It´s probably much to do with youth. The mum-in-law has recently started singing hits from the 20´s and 30´s, long forgotten by everyone but her...

    6. I remember I heard some of my friends talking about the fuss their parents made about the music they liked. I asked Mother what she thought, and she said that the music from her youth often didn't make much sense either. She offered "Mairzy Doats" as an example lol I thought that was a good attitude.

    7. The mum-in-law´s songs are mostly about men toying with the affections (and various items of clothing) of young girls, but not wanting to get married. They were banned in her strictly religious home, which is probably why she liked to sing them! ;-)