May 23, 2014


I just realized it is exactly one month left until we go on vacation. I have decided to draw my way through our trip to England, and as warm-up exercises, I have decided to do at least one drawing and post it on the blog every day. Just to keep the pressure on a bit.

I am experimenting both with drawing what I see, and drawing what I remember, and the drawing on the left is a mix of both - a cartoonish self portrait and a study of the hand, in action, as it were.

I have just discovered water brushes, which can be filled with ink or watercolour mixes, a wonderful little tool, but not as easy to get a hang of as one might think. My drawings look a lot different now, I think, from when I was younger, and I´m not sure why. Perhaps it´s a question of taste and perception, more than anything. Perhaps I am also a bit braver.

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