May 1, 2014

Walpurgis Night

I was getting ready for Walpurgis Night photos: people gathered around large bonfires, eating hotdogs and candy, drinking coffee and beer, singing and dancing and waiting for the fireworks. When we got to the university, there was no bonfire, and just a few brave souls trying to create Walpurgis atmosphere with the help of a small grill on a parking lot. Sad, really. What is happening? I´m not sure.

However, fireworks had been advertised, bigger and better than usual, to celebrate the 30 years jubilee of the Pyrotechnical Society at the university. We took a walk and when we came back there was quite a crowd. And we got some fireworks. But something must have gone wrong, because they were cut short, and never got started again. Which was a shame, since the weather was perfect and the sky was clear.

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