April 30, 2014

Polar Bears

I found this picture in my files from this spring - adorable polar bears in porcelain by artist Anna-Sofia Mååg, who exhibited at the Art Gallery at the Culture House in Luleå in January. I was very, very tempted to get one!

She also had some horses on exhibition, some pots and paintings. Everything had a very dreamy character, I thought, everything seemed as if surrounded by mist. Almost transparent, in a way. The polar bears may, of course, not have much time left, likely as they are to drown when the ice melts from the global warming. I don´t know if this was on Mååg´s mind, but it is what she makes me think about.


  1. it hurts to think about the polar bears. we have them in our zoo, but knowing they represent a wild population is important

    1. Yes. It hurts to think about the whole world, some days...