April 1, 2014

Pretty music

Saturday afternoon, we spent an hour or so at the Art gallery listening to a song recital, lieder by Sibelius, Debussy and Paul Schierbeck. There was also some lyrical piano pieces by Grieg. The soprano was Lona Beccau, the pianist Helge Kjekshus. I found a few clips on youtube from a previous concert, same programme, but the recording is so badly made, I will not pain you with them.

Beccau was great, not just a fabulous voice, but fittingly flirty and charming. Kjekshus plays with great feeling, as always. Not that I am much of a judge of music, but I was not the only one to like it, the concert got rave reviews in the local paper; the critic (male) pretty much confessed that he came away wanting to run up the aisle and marry someone right away!

I think this version with Birgit Nilsson of Sibelius´ "Flickan kom från sin älsklings möte" (= the girl came from a meeting with her darling) is a better treat for you, and gives you a feel for what we experienced.

(Put up by operazaile.)


  1. I sang the Sibelius on a series of solo concerts of Nordic art song (DC museum tour and New House of Sweden) about 8 years ago. It is one of my favorite art songs ever. I learned the languages phonetically and found Swedish very beautiful. The world of Nordic art song also was new to me and opening to it was an adventure.

    1. You know, about 20 years ago we had a music festival here in Luleå, with a Polish company doing a production of something - can´t remember what now, but I remember experiencing the musical quality of the language so intensely, because I couldn´t understand the words. I had a Polish grandmother, but at that time I remember being actually grateful for not having learned her language! I suppose what I experienced that evening was also some kind of adventure, a musical one.