April 20, 2014

Cubist Sculpture

Roland Borén is a sculptor and painter who makes things with odd perspectives, both amusing and slightly worrying. In a local newspaper he said that he is "researching the cube shape". I particularly like those Metropolis-like creations, they could have been part of Fritz Lang´s movie set, I think. Oh, I just saw now that they are titled, guess what: "MTRPLS nr 1" and "MTRPLS nr 7".

He exhibited last month in the Art Gallery at the Culture House and I went to see him twice. I did not disrespect the artwork, he actually invites people to "please have a seat!" in his wonky aluminium chair.

He has a great website where you can see more of his work. I do appreciate this kind of thing, I have not a small amount of nostalgia for the kind of hands-on industrialism that I grew up with; with a self-employed engineer father I have many tactile, emotional links to iron of different shapes and forms.

Full of cobwebs from the rusting process; no doubt years and years out of doors.



  1. i googled him but couldn't find examples of his art anywhere close. I love the photo i found of "Incantatio". the perspective is fascinating.

    1. Yes, it really halts you when you get closer to something and it turns out not to be what you thought. I should do a post sometime on "the rustball", a wonderful sculpture here in Luleå: