April 11, 2014

Wanting to be Tom

The other night we were watching an old Swedish movie, a whodunit called "Tärningen är kastad" (= the die is cast). It all takes place in a Swedish television studio in 1960 (this was only three years after Swedish television started, and it would have been supercool and frontline technology), with a crew doing a detective series live. As they did. The hero is the series writer, whose fictional murders are being copycatted, and to clear himself from suspicions, he has to catch the killer.

Leif is the one creeping up on the girl. (Jan Malmsjö, so young.)
Me: "So, who do you think killed Leif?"
The husband: "Holger."
"He wants to be Tom."
"Tom? Who is Tom?"
"TOM. Technical Operations Manager."
"He killed him so he could pull the cool levers? What are you? Ten years old?"

In the end, it wasn´t about who wanted to be TOM, but covering up a completely different crime. To my relief...

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