April 5, 2014

Good Spirit

Sometimes, you end up outside your comfort zone and that is a good thing, usually. The husband was offered two basketball tickets for the first of the final games in the Swedish championship and what a treat that was! Our local team, Northland, was up against southern team Norrköping, and the audience were in high spirits. The ladies played amazingly, they were regular gladiators!

Much if this is thanks to the international cheering section from the university, a motley crew of students from France, Spain, Germany, Italy, India, and, naturally, Sweden. In an interview at the Swedish Radio, Ruben Suleja of Spain, says he has put 18 songs and rhymes together to cheer their team to victory. And of course they did. The final score was 73 - 59 to Northland!

I shot a very short and shaky film while the team was warming up.

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