April 3, 2014


I have been following the blog Faith is Torment for a while, and it´s a great way to be introduced to a couple of new artists on a daily basis. It´s even a bit much, some days. Today I discovered Walid Siti, and I find myself very attracted to his work. This series of towers made me think of something that happened on a trip to Vienna, in 1992.

Austria can, to a Swede anyway, seem a bit like an operatic fairytale land, very cultured and pretty and, frankly, overwhelming. We were sitting at the breakfast table with a friend, and we were silently (possibly a bit hung over from the previous evening) admiring a print on the wall of Peter Bruegel´s famous painting "The Tower of Babel". Suddenly he says: "That castle, is that near here?"

Borrowed from Wikipedia.

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