April 22, 2014


There was one exhibition at the Art Gallery last month that I did not care much about. It was Dan Perrin´s drawings and paintings. The programme states that "Dan Perrin´s art has a peacefully threatening doomsday mood, spun with a good dose of humour" (my quick and dirty translation). He has a website, where you can see more of his art.

I´m not sure why I don´t warm up to this and why I can´t get to the content of the images. Perhaps it´s the bad finish that intercepts my view  - being a bit of a craftsperson myself, I like finished edges and things made to last; even when I´m sloppy there are limits to how sloppy I can bear to be, and I would certainly choose another place to be sloppy in than the Art Gallery. But then I think, perhaps the sloppyness is part of the artistical statement? That´s certainly a possibility, that he is consciously provoking me, particularly since he was sharing the Art Gallery last month with near-perfectionists like Gudrun Söderholm and Roland Borén. I don´t know. I do know I have been thinking quite a bit about art and presentation lately, and how it might be a good thing to be a bit more "quick and dirty" some of the time. What do you think?

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