May 21, 2014

Officially Spring!

I haven´t been out much lately for health reasons (a dreadful stomach flu gave me four days of quarantine) and as it happened, these were the days when spring finally arrived. Today I  brought the camera along on an errand and managed to get a few snaps of the delightful green veil of baby leaves that now adorn trees that were bare only a week ago.

In Scandinavia, we have what must be described as a cult of spring. After a long, cold, dark winter we all ache for it, and it can just explode in a few short days. This is the season of the white nights.

A pair of great crested grebes.

The birch, with catkins.

Marsh marigold.

Bird cherry buds, ready to pop.

One pile of dirty snow still lingering under a tree...