May 30, 2014

Next Generation

Circle of life: one member of the extended family falls away (ok, he was a dog, but we are nothing if not inclusive) and another joins. Finally, we made it to go visit Eleonora the New Niece, who is almost one month old. Her job is sleeping and eating and she does it so well! And she has inherited her father´s long eyelashes.


  1. We became a great-aunt and great-uncle this year, with another on the way. And are fortunate that our niece and nephew-in-law live only 45 minutes a way. Little Ella is a beauty and so happy. I can't quite get used to being a "great" or "grand" anything, to be honest....

    1. I doubt we will ever be great-anything, my brother is 45 and just had his first child! I have two more nephews and they are also very young, pre-schoolers. Of course, we could become very, very old...