May 30, 2014

A Perfect Day

Yesterday was perfect: sunny, warm (20 degrees), and the air was saturated with the perfume of the bird cherry blossom. My favourite time of year, no contest, when the summer is just starting and everything looks promising.

We stopped at Råneå, a village north of Luleå, which I have never, oddly enough, visited in the 23 years I have lived here. And why not - it is so quaint! Perhaps it is just too close, and we have so many other pretty places fit for outings that we never think of it.

We took a short walk around the church, where they have two standing stones each having been autographed by a king, Gustav VI Adolf (and his wife Louise), and his father, Gustaf V, respectively. It was hard to get a good photo of the church, as it was surrounded by trees, and I just had my 40mm lens with me.

We ended up at a table outside the village inn, and had pork fillet on a plank. I caught the husband on paper, looking smug as a cat in front of a bowl of cream. Or a Coke, as it happened.

And today it is raining, and raining, and raining...


  1. i googled it and that's just 68F, which feels chilly to me lol. we have 70F now at 8 in the morning with a predicted high of 86F. spring in memphis is a bit different from yours ;).

    also different is the age of the old things. here, if it's pre 1860s it's positively ancient! i looked up that church, and it looks like they started building it in 1642. it must be such fun to be able to visit sites this old close to you.

    1. Ah well, climate-wise we live in different worlds. Anything over 25 C/77 F is unbearable to me.

      Sounds like you know more about Råneå church than I do! It´s hardly old, by our standards. I must do a blogpost on Gammelstads church this summer, it is a World Heritage Site and we are very proud of it.

    2. i googled world heritage sites (lol i love google, you see), and the ones closest to me are the great smoky mountains and mammoth cave. neither is very close, and somehow it's just not the same as a built site. next closest are an indian mound in illinois about 5 hours away) and the everglades in florida. i'd love to hear about your world heritage site!

    3. What did we do before googling was invented? I am so grateful for Wikepedia I actually pay them (I know they are not always right, but most of the time right enough) from time to time.

      Will do that post - promise!