June 1, 2014


Manipulating with sleeping hours has turned me into a crazy insomniac, which is why there were no drawings yesterday. We had a dinner party and that took all my steam. Instead, I have tried to make up for it today, but I´m mostly making myself frustrated with paint (I haven´t touched my watercolour set since 1988...) and pens that do not seem to work (or is that me?). I got ink-stains on my best white shirt. Bleach and near-boiling water got them out again, luckily.

We really need a vacation now, the husband is showing similar symptoms. A month of baby-treatment: sleeping and eating and no pressure to do anything else. A complete reboot of the system.

Looking a bit sick, but at least a hint of 3-dimensionality.

Doodles of sparrows and magpies.
Fieldfare, waxwing, and chaffinch.

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