June 9, 2014

Warm Weekend

I see I haven´t posted a single drawing all weekend, so I´ll just have to make up for it now. The weather has been nice, the husband scrubbed up our balcony with pine-smelling cleaning soap and it was such a treat to sit there a little while. I never can take it for long, it´s a hot corner and I prefer the cool shade indoors. I practically have no pigments and avoid a hot spot if I can. The tanning culture is a mystery to me.

I played with some pastels I found from so far back I can´t remember when I bought them. No wonder they look barely touched, crayons really isn´t my thing. You´d really need to work on a large scale to have any detail in a picture, and the drawing needs fixative, which ruins the other side of the page, so it certainly is no good if you use a sketchbook.

I tried the same motif (more or less) with ink and a watercolour pen accent, and managed to get the husband´s feet look like a gigant hobbit´s! Also, I really need to work out how to draw foliage. Sweden in summer is a foliage-fest, everything is embedded in layer upon layer of green leaves.

Practice makes better, I suppose.


  1. what a nice spot for foot-propping! Our patio doesn't have an awning, but it's on the north side of the building. I used to try to tan, or actually I just used to enjoy being stretched out in the hot sun. Now I use sunblock and hats and sunglasses, but I still like the sunshine.

    I used to use charcoal some and would put tissue paper between pages. I like the color better.

    1. Yes, our little balcony is a cosy spot, it has afternoon sun and gets very hot, very quickly. I think it would have been lovely with a north facing balcony instead, and sit in the evening/night sun (sooo much cooler) with dinner and a drink all night, but alas, that´s hardly anywhere to come by, it seems.

      I used charcoal a lot in school, I probably have some lying around, just haven´t found it yet. I am drawn towards black&white - I love contrast more than tint, I guess. I wonder why?

    2. We don't eat on our little patio very often. I do read out there a lot and drink my lemonade with mint in it.

      The art I've found and framed to put on my walls is mostly colored pieces. As I look at them, I only see 2 that are b/w. I played with b&w photography back in the day when I used real film. I really liked that.

    3. I know very few people here who actually sit outdoors and eat, because of the mosquietoes. Barbecueing in summer is popular, but eating is mostly done indoors.