June 6, 2014

Get Real

Last night, I was trying to get to grips with this exhausting feeling I have of never being quite happy with my day, it´s like I´m almost always feeling like I didn´t live up to my expectations of what I wanted to do. I am starting to think (this probably being a sign of maturing) that this stress is not entirely good for me, and that I should perhaps do something about my expectations. I laid it out by way of doodling.

First, how I often sum up my day:

Second, how my day often turns out to have been, when the husband starts asking some questions about what I actually did before I crashed in the sofa and started whining about not getting anything done:

And this is how I imagine that every single day, ever, should be:

Not very realistic, I know, my perfect day has no room for cleaning, shopping, or cooking. Or even friends and extended family! But I´m thinking, if I can wedge in one hour, or two, of version no 3 into a version no 1 and 2 mix, and be happy with that? How do people do it? I am open to any suggestions.

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