June 5, 2014

The Curlew

The Curlew sounds like this.


  1. i've never seen a curlew, and as i look online it doesn't look like it's a likely sight around here. it's a striking bird!

    1. No, it´s actually called the Eurasian curlew, I think, and it´s the biggest wading bird in the world, according to Wikipedia. (I suppose flamingos and such aren´t waders, then). It has a striking song, too, it is one of those spring signs we are always on the lookout for.

      If you go to this Norwegian page:http://fuglar.no/galleri/lyder.php
      and click "Storspove" in the list, you´ll hear what it sounds like.

    2. Ok, I managed to paste the link directly into the post - learn something new every day!

    3. love that trill! there's a "long-billed curlew" that's native in north america, but it's only been identified in tennessee 5 times. something tells me my chances of ever spotting one are slim and none. lol.

    4. Oh yeah, that´s definitely a cousin! Five sightings in Tennessee sounds like pretty slim chances, and I bet that´s by twitchers who are attentive to such animals - they are easy enough to miss; ours usually hang around fields, where they are almost invisible. Still, I have seen at least five this year, on drives to and from the hospital. This is the first time I´v seen one actually wading, and in our backyard too!