June 13, 2014


I just need to blow off some steam. A few weeks ago, I ordered three books from amazon UK, and they decided to pack them in two parcels. One parcel arrived, but the other did not. It made it as far as my so called "service point" - the Swedish Post Office, which has been a proud and revered institution since the 17th Century, is no more, alas - and then, because some poor sod had misprinted one number in my adress, indicating that I lived one single house away from my actual home, the parcel is now returning to the UK, and they are simply refunding me. I have to do the order all over again. If they had waited one more hour, I would have had time to catch it, as DK Post (so many operators involved...) was keeping me updated through e-mail, but they can not send me a notification with which I can collect my parcel, the service point has to do that. Been there before, it doesn´t work that way; DK Post only tells me where the parcel is, but can´t give me the number with which to collect it.


I turned to amazon UK with the exact reasons things had gone wrong, wanting to know what to do, wanting to be a bit reassured, and came in contact with a customer relations creature that must be a robot, because he kept speculating in possible reasons that my parcel had been undeliverable (I told him already!), and finally urged me to update my adress before placing my next order. My braincells were exploding like firework. It is things like this that make me go elsewhere with my business.

I know I am turning into Old Granny Whine, but I do have to say it is a mystery to me how the postman who does these rounds can fail to deliver a notification to me, even though the adress is slightly wrong. I have a similar job, and know people get adresses slightly wrong all the time, particularly when they gift each other magazine subscriptions. Unless there are several residents with the same name, it´s hardly difficult to imagine where it should be going, and make sure the adress on the subscription is corrected. With a letter, you don´t even have to do that. And if you are a summer vacation stand-in postman, or work at the service point, how hard can it be to look me up in the on-line phone&adress database? I am a returning customer there (and they should remember me, I have complained about the service there before)!

The Swedish Post used to be proud of being able to deliver a postcard with just a name and a town written on it. "As reliable as a letter in the mail", used to be a saying that was justified.


  1. " I am a returning customer there (and they should remember me, I have complained about the service there before)!"

    If you lived around here I would say you have your answer: retaliation for past complaints.

    1. That´s just depressing, isn´t it? Actually, I don´t think that´s the problem here - just a general "I hate my job and just do what I´ve been told"-attitude. Lack of pride, really.