June 19, 2014

Glad Midsommar!

I recently had to ditch my old mobile phone (too hard to find batteries) for a new one, which has a camera in it. I keep forgetting and hardly use it - also, it´s crap unless it is very favourable light conditions - but this morning I was inspired to take a snap of a neighbour´s flower arrangement.

Now we embrace the Midsummer spirit: it is bitterly cold (8 degrees at the moment and the forecast says not to expect more than 10), and still, most of us will obstinately and bareleggedly sit outdoors on summer house patios with our barbeques and pickled herring lunches, with goose bumps, rattling teeth, fighting the mosquitoes and spilling our snaps (which is essential for warmth, ehum...).

Midsummer Eve is the real Swedish national holiday. We are never more truly viking-spirited than now, never tougher, prouder, or more serenely happy to be us.


  1. It isn't a cultural tradition to celebrate this here, but our family has (ever since the kids were little) eaten donuts while we watched the sun set over water on the longest day of the year. It's always in the 90sF here on that day. Nothing Viking-spirited around here lol, but we will be outside and barelegged.

    1. That sounds like a great tradition! We just got home from watching the traditional Midsumer dancing around the maypole, it was 10 degrees, the mum-in-law wore longjohns, and I wish I had too. Took lots of photos and will post when I have recovered...

    2. Some of the Catholic churches around here put up maypoles, but I don't know how widespread it is. When the kids were little we decorated one in the back yard; but as they got older the boys lost interest, and it just wasn't as much fun with just the daughter and me. It must be fun to have the entire community involved. I look forward to seeing the pictures.

    3. Turns out I took 392 photos... got a bit carried away, so much action! Will post it (some of them) tomorrow.